PHantastic Jewelry

What PHantastic Jewelry Collection is all about? 

I have a passion for fashion and I will shop till I drop and that is exactly what I did!

And this is my story...

   While shopping in the mall one weekend in the summer of 2013, I was having a difficult time getting enough energy to move through the mall and ended up in the ER the next morning.  I spent a week in the hospital and had tons of tests for everything including allergies, embolisms, and asthma.  The doctor wouldn't let me go until he found out what it was.  Nurses were even trying to figure it out.  Finally they did a heart cath and it was for sure I had Pulmonary Hypertension.  That was the day the Earth stood still.

   The funny thing is, I feel better than I have in quite a while regarding my stamina once I had oxygen and took medicine three times a day.  The bummer is I have oxygen!  The doctors think I need oxygen because my o2 levels are still low without it and it may be caused from a combination of PH and restricted lung disease.  The restricted lung disease is from my scoliosis and I have had rods in my back since elementary school.  I needed to quickly adjust to life with o2 as I just started a new semester at community college back in 2013.  So oxygen and I had to become best friends quickly! I call my o2 concentrator my Sidekick because it's always by my side and let's me live life.